West Texas Science Center Officers and Executive Committee

Rick Hammer, President and Chairman

Scott Clark, Vice-president

Larry Millar, Vice-president

Larry Godfrey, Secretary

Bill Wright, Treasurer

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     Allan Frizzell                               Bobby Coleman                               Dr. Rick Hammer

     Scott Clark                                   Jack Mergele                                     rick@3hammers.net

     Jay Packer                                    Mary Lee Bartlett, Ph.D                   979-324-4960

     Judy Godfrey, MLA                     Mark Quimette, Ph.D

     Larry Godfrey, MA                     

     Charles Ivey, Ph.D, Immediate Past President                     

     Joel Brant, Ph.D                                                                                        Larry Godfrey

      Bill Wright                                                                                                clgodfrey1@suddenlink.net

      Larry Millar                                                                                               325-260-8638

      Patrick Miller, Ph.D                      

      Phil Morehead

      Meredith Matthews

      Gaile Thompson

      Rick Hammer, Ph.D

      Rusty Towell, Ph.D

     Julie Napier

     Joel Brant, Ph,D

     Johnny Biiznak, MD

     Paige Schneider

     Robert Gray

     Larry Barnett

     Donna Long Wolfer

     Doug Robison

What We’re Doing

Donations: Project Support

What We Are About

The West Texas Science Center is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of science, mathematics, and nature conversation among the student and adult populations of Abilene, Texas.  It presently has three principal activities:  (1)  Bringing outstanding presenters from the various scientific disciplines to Abilene to lecture to the general public and work with the general academic population in the various public and private schools of the area, (2) conducting field trips and workshops for students in various scientific areas, and (3) providing project support for promising student research.  The organization had no paid staff, and all funds received go to programmatic activities.  The West Texas Science Center invites your interest and support.

WTSC has the ability to award grants to students and organizations to assist in scientific research and other projects that will elevate public understanding of science in our lives.  As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we can offer contributors appropriate tax treatment of their donations and the confidence that their funds will go to those projects that will accomplish the stated goals of the organization.