Bluebonnet Images

Bluebonnet images from earlier this year. You may ask why I am showing you these images now. Well, because I am already dreaming of next March! Most annual wildflower species germinate from seed in October and November and have leaves, stems and roots that grow through Dec-Feb. The plants do this to store up energy before flowering. Then, in early March the blooming period starts! These images were taken at our Kirby Bluebonnet "hotspot" along the dam road this past March. I went back just last week to look for any new germination and growth but did not see any. I think that the lack of rain over the fall is the reason. We did get some decent rains late last week so maybe this will get things moving. I will check back soon! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby73120124_2531757090378636_6322920415014420480_n73168102_2531757127045299_2694794371366125568_n73128704_2531757153711963_7633644099022618624_n73413133_2531757183711960_6148941550530330624_n
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