Thank you Master Naturalists!

Thank you Master Naturalists! West Texas Science Center would like to thank the Big Country Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists for donating $300 to help fund the ongoing projects at Lake Kirby. It is very gratifying when area organizations and individuals recognize and contribute to the work that many are doing to improve Lake Kirby! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby


Leafless Western Soapberry

First image is a winter view of a leafless Western Soapberry tree along the Kirby Boardwalk, with its remaining summer fruits at the tips of the uppermost branches. The second image takes you back to a fall photo of a grove of Soapberry trees along the Kirby Dam Road, showing off their soft, yellow fall color. #DoctorBot #LakeKirby



Cedar tree on the Kirby North Trail

Cedar tree on the Kirby North Trail. This species is actually a redberry juniper (Juniperus pinchotii), but is commonly referred to as cedar. The tree pictured here is a male and the clusters of yellow color on the branch tips are male pollen cones, which release their pollen into the wind. If you suffer (like I do!) from seasonal allergies in the winter, this is your culprit! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby


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