MYSTERY Challenge Wildflower 2020

Kirby MYSTERY Challenge Wildflower 2020: Can you guess which Big Country and Abilene area wildflower this image shows? All you have are the leaves for a visual clue but I can tell you a few other hints: 1) the flowers are yellow and it will soon be in flower all around Abilene in large numbers, 2) you will see the yellow flowers along I-20 and along 83/84 in Abilene, 3) it has a 2-part common name: “________ Daisy”. If you are a local Big Country Master Naturalist and know what this plant is, please don’t say! This is what I would like for you to do for help in identification: Download a cool and easy to use app for your iPhone or Android mobile device called Seek. It’s free and made by the folks at the Smithsonian. You just take a picture with your phone, upload, and get an answer back pronto. Download Seek and then head out to Kirby! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby

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