Happy Thanksgiving

We are all thankful for many things today. Friends of Kirby Lake and West Texas Science Center would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! And on this day of "giving thanks" we would also like to express our gratitude to all of you who follow Kirby on Facebook. We now have 1,368 followers! We thank you! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby

Willow Leaf Aster

Willow Leaf Aster in flower this week at Lake Kirby. These showy plants are refusing to give up on attracting insects for pollination as we approach the end of fall. The pretty blooms are on five-foot tall plants and can be found along the cement path connecting the boardwalk and main dam road. There are maybe only one or two other species of plants in flower now at Kirby due to the continued dry conditions but none as showy as this Aster! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby




Bluebonnet Magic again in 2020?

Can Mother Nature work her Texas Bluebonnet magic again in Spring 2020? This first image is what I call the Kirby Bluebonnet Hotspot and is located along the main dam road. The first image was taken on April 6, 2019 and the second taken yesterday. You can think of the flowerless image as a blank slate for this coming year’s Bluebonnet crop. The seeds from some of last year’s plants are there in the soil ready to germinate in the coming weeks of winter if conditions are favorable. I am a little concerned over the lack of substantial rainfall over the last several months. We need some soon to have a repeat of last year’s spectacular wildflower season at Kirby. Keep your fingers crossed! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby



What a difference two weeks makes!

What a difference two weeks makes! The image on the left was taken on Nov. 10th on the Kirby Boardwalk looking towards the ecology interpretive sign. Image on the right was taken today and shows much less fall leaf color. The changes of the fall season are moving along. However, believe it or not, we still have an attractive Kirby wildflower in bloom! Stay tuned for details! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby


Mosasaur Sand Pit- Plastic Shovels

Please use plastic shovels if you decide to dig in the Mosasaur Sand Pit to find the skeleton. Metal shovels will cause damage to the skeleton which is made from kiln fired clay. Please spread the word to your family and friends to please do the same. We will be putting some signs up soon to warn would be paleontologists to dig with plastic tools! Notice that I did not say "Dinosaur Sand Pit" because Mosasaurs are not dinosaurs but ancient marine reptiles. Thank you for caring for the Kirby Mosasaur! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby



Great Blue Heron and Snowy Egret at Lake Kirby

A Great Blue Heron and Snowy Egret at Lake Kirby. These great photos were recently taken by local photographer and friend of Kirby, Johnny Bliznak. I really like the long S-shaped neck common to herons and egrets. There is something graceful about their necks but it is actually an adaptation for how these birds forage and capture food. The S-shape allows them to strike at their prey with fast speed and accuracy. Favorite meals include fish, crustaceans, and just about any live prey they can find. #DoctorBot #LakeKirby



Nine-Banded Armadillo

Kirby's resident Nine-Banded Armadillo! Spotted this afternoon along the boardwalk. This afternoon's sunny skies and warm temperatures in the 60s were the perfect conditions for this mammal that has almost no fur for insulation against the cold. Armadillos have a keen sense of smell for their prey, which are mostly worms, grubs and various insects. The soft soil along the boardwalk is just right for digging and burrowing for a meal. As I have said here many times, there's always a wonderful surprise at Kirby! #DoctorBot #LakeKirby


Fall color in the Kirby Nature Play area

Fall color in the Kirby Nature Play area. This image is looking up through the sunlit leaves of a Chinese Pistache tree. I like the sunlit backdrop and orange-gold color of the leaves. We will see if the leaves remain on this tree after Monday's gusty winds! I will do a follow-up later this week. #DoctorBot #LakeKirby — at Kirby Lake.

Fall Colors 2019
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